National Championship Junior Team Tennis Summer 2016 Season



For 2016, our newly expanded Summer season has been created to qualify 14s and 18s Intermediate/Satellite and Advanced Co-ed level teams for the USTA Junior Team Tennis National Championships that will be held in South Carolina in mid to late October 2015. The 2015 dates are as follows:




The Summer season timeline is outlined below:


Registration opens                                               June 1, 2016

Deadline to create teams                                   Refer to your local area’s timeline on Home Page

League play begins                                              June 27 to July 12 (no later than)

Last day to register players                                July 12


Season end date                                                  August 16, 2016 (for 14s and 18s Satellite and Advanced Co-ed flights)            



Deadline to register for Section Champs        August 2016

Section Championships                                     August 2016 (location TBD)


▫ Some areas might have other age divisions (other than 14s and 18s Co-ed) - please check your area's timeline for the season end date for these age divisions. All area team play for section championship advancement (14s and 18s Co-ed only) must be concluded no later than end of Aug 2016



►14s and 18s Intermediate/Satellite and Advanced may qualify for the 2016 National Championships◄


The following guideline need to be met for each local area that wishes to advance past the

Section Championships into the National Championships:


  • Teams must consist of at least 3 boys and 3 girls

  • Player eligibility is only 2 separate team matches during the Summer season

  • You must play in a flight that has at least 2 teams at the same playing level

  • Team match play can be any agreed upon time (weeknights and/or weekends)


    To keep it interesting, fun and competitive, areas can combine playing levels (ie. 14s and 18s Int/Sat combined to have a minimum 4 teams playing together) If your area only has 1 team, this team can play in other area to qualify for the Section Championships for your area. Please contact your Area League Coordinator for further information. Section program player fee will be only $9.50 per player for our newly expanded Summer season. We hope to see you out on the courts

    this summer for our co-ed season coming you way very soon!