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This site is great for coaches, parents and players to see San Diego's Team Tennis Guidelines and all!

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Team Tennis Basics


**Co-ed and Gender Teams

(See Guidleines)


**Singles and Doubles: 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U

**6 players to a team (May have more per your choice)

**Format: See specific format for each individual division within our Guidleines.

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San Diego Team Tennis Coordinator



My mission is to create an atmosphere here in San Diego Tennis in which parents, players and coaches all become the best they can be while watching, playing and coaching the game of tennis.
Our San Diego Junior Team Tennis Program is open to all levels and abilities with the sole intent to provide tennis players with a “team feel” experience while playing tennis.
If a team has great parents, coaches and players, there is no telling how wonderful the experience will be.
I grew up on an island in which my only outlet to play tennis against other competitive players was by being on a team. In playing on a team, I took a ferry boat to and from matches in the summers of the Pacific Northwest. Because of the bonds that grew from the travel and match experiences, I am in forever debt to this game. I went on to play college tennis at Washington State University and I owe my love of the game to those wonderful summers of team tennis.
I hope all San Diego Junior Team Tennis players will be able to create memories to last a lifetime.

--Conan Lorenzo

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