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Confidence Ratings Information

Low Confidence Level Players 

Low confidence rating players will be allowed to sign up for their appropriate and any division, based on the recommendation of their personal or JTT coach.

Medium Confidence Level Players 

These players will be allowed to join another division within 2 rating points.

  • For instance, a 30 with medium confidence will be allowed to join Novice if the coach vouches for the player's rating to be artificially better than their actual level.

High Confidence Level Players

These players have enough results to show their WTN rating is accurate and they are to be in the level that the rating indicates. 

**Exception Rule

A coach is allowed to move one player into another lower level if they are within 1 WTN point of qualifying for that said division. Example. If a 31 wants to play in the Level 7 (32-40) with their friends this will be allowed. Another example would be if a player who is a 26.1 and wants to play in the Level 6 Division (27.1-40), this is allowed.

Player Level for Ratings

Level 7 (Novice Division): Tournament Players WTN # 32-40

Level 6 (Intermediate Division): Tournament Players WTN# 27.1-40

Level 1-5 (Advanced Division): Tournament Players WTN# 1-27

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