Youth Progression 10 and Under

The USTA has designed a best in class system to track the progress of junior players ages 10 and under from orange ball to green to yellow ball.

The system will track a child's progress through participation in Junior Team Tennis and Tournaments.

Kids will receive points/stars/trophies for participating and can receive points/stars/trophies for champion and finalist tournament results. This helps more advanced players to move faster through the system and in similar to what they will experience with the 12U-18U ranking system.

There are 2 ways to track your players progress. (I feel points are more detailed, however both are there to help)

1. Through points

2. Through stars/trophies


There are 5 ways to earn points and stars/trophies

1. Team Tennis

2. Tournaments

3. Team Challenges

4. Team Tournaments

5. Early Development Camps (EDC)


To move from Orange Ball to Green Ball a player must gather 1000 Points or 20 stars/trophies.

To move from Green Ball to Yellow Ball  a player must gather 1000 Points or 20 stars/trophies.

1. Team Tennis Season

  • One Season of Junior Team Tennis Participation = 5 Stars/trophies or 250 points.

2. Tournaments Points

  • 200 Points awarded or 4 stars/trophies for participation. 

  • Additional 200 points added or an additional 4 stars/trophies for winning a tournament.

  • Additional 150 points or 3 stars/trophies added if a player is a finalist.

Follow these instructions to register and set up:

3. Team Challenges

  • 50 points for each segment/event. For instance, if you run 1 of the 6 in an Orange Ball Team Challenge (approx. an hour or more for each), then each participant will accrue 50 points. The most purposeful way to do this is to run a series of 6 over a few-6 weeks, at the end of camp weeks/clinic sessions, etc. Or you may run them individually at a time in which a player receives 50 points per event. After you run each segment or series, you will report the number of participants, ball type and date completed to Once you do this, send Nancy the rosters at and we will add to YP points.

Follow these instructions to register and set up:

4. Team Tournaments

  • 50 points for each segment and it is the same process as the Team Challenges with 1-3 hours equaling 50 points per team tournament you put on. 


5. Early Developmental Camps to be Held with Help from SCTA

  • Participation in scheduled two day Orange and Green ball Early Development Camps (EDC) = 9 stars/trophies = 450 points. Additional Trophies awarded for success in the affiliated Level 6 or 7 tournament on second day of EDC camp.


Team Tennis Notes

  • Green Ball players that are identified as Satellite or Advanced on the 10U Eligibility List cannot play on an Orange Ball team. 

  • Certified Net Generation Team Challenges and Team Tournaments can be used to accrue Youth Progression points. Contact Nancy Abrams for further details:



• Indicates 10U Green Ball only players that should play in Satellite or Advanced divisions.

• Points are derived from tournament play through the week of January 1, NOT Youth Progression points. See attached Points Per Round table.

• Available to Area League Coordinators for distribution to all Junior Team Tennis providers.

Here is the website for more specific information on how many stars, trophies and more needed to move up including grandfathered players.