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Youth Progression 10 and Under

The USTA has designed a best in class system to track the progress of junior players ages 10 and under from orange ball to green to yellow ball.

The system will track a child's progress through participation in Junior Team Tennis and Tournaments.

Kids will receive points for participating and can receive points for champion and finalist tournament results. This helps more advanced players to move faster through the system and in similar to what they will experience with the 12U-18U ranking system.



Players must be at least 5 years old to play in a USTA competitive programs and will graduate from the Net Generation PlayTracker at the age of 11, on the first day of their birthday month.

  • Players aged 5-7 years old are recommended to play in red ball programs.

  • Players aged 7-9 years old are recommended to play in orange ball programs.

  • Players aged 9-11 years old are recommended to play in green ball programs. 

Players 7 and 8 years old that reach 1,000 play points in orange ball are eligible for green ball.


A coach assessment is also available for players 7 or 8 years old who have the skills to advance to green ball early.

All players in green ball will be required to meet 1500 points on the PlayTracker in order to play in yellow ball events.


At least 1000 of these points must come from win points. At age 11 players will age out of the PlayTracker and into yellow ball.

See this site for all updated Youth Progression Points and Information: 

10s Orange and Green Ball Notes

100 points will be awarded to all 10s for playing in the season.

Green ball players will also receive 100 win points per singles win, 50 per doubles win and up to a max of 400 points per season.

Note a def will count as a win for green ball.

Thats……. max of 500 points per season for green ball.

If you are the home team and host, you as a coach are responsible for taping the lines (10s Orange only)

See Your Player's Points

Also, you can log into your usta account and see your kids level and where they stand too:

Go to


Hover over your logo at the top right and click on Profile

Click on family


This should show all.


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