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Youth Progression 10 and Under

The USTA has designed a best in class system to track the progress of junior players ages 10 and under from orange ball to green to yellow ball.

The system will track a child's progress through participation in Junior Team Tennis and Tournaments.

Kids will receive points/stars/trophies for participating and can receive points/stars/trophies for champion and finalist tournament results. This helps more advanced players to move faster through the system and in similar to what they will experience with the 12U-18U ranking system.

There are 2 ways to track your players progress. (I feel points are more detailed, however both are there to help)

1. Through points

2. Through stars/trophies


There are 5 ways to earn points and stars/trophies

1. Team Tennis

2. Tournaments

3. Team Challenges

4. Team Tournaments

5. Early Development Camps (EDC)


To move from Orange Ball to Green Ball a player must gather 1000 

To move from Green Ball to Yellow Ball  a player must gather 1500 

See this site for all updated Youth Progression Points and Information: 


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