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Rules To Live By for a Successful day


Our goal for our JTT parents is to experience an enjoyable first time with competitive tennis.




Before every match, the coaches should get with the parents, kids and opposing coaches together. All should be in distance of hearing your speech.


  • Each team should be lined up and facing each other

  • Line up from coaches should be ready to call out

  • Balls should be ready to hand out

  • Court assignments should be ready to give



    With everyone hearing, please go over the following rules and expectations


  • Scoring

  • 5 minute warm up

  • Line calls

  • Lines for 10s being placed on the courts (for all 10’s Novice Coaches)

  • Parent’s roles of staying out of the courts and not talking to their kids

  • Who is going to be the designated parent helpers for scoring, help with sides to be on and more. (for all 10’s Novice Coaches)

  • When to switch sides

  • How to start a match off with a spin of the racket

  • Shake hands after matches.

  • Report scores to coaches


Now is the time to call out the line ups and have opponents come forward.


When the coaches call the kids out of who is playing against each other, the kids will step forward and shake hands. All parents and other players are to clap.


Coach assigns them to go to the designated court and they begin their warm up.


Once play is under way, designated volunteer parents (10’s Novice Coaches only) and/or coaches are there to help. NOT hinder.


Coaches should be walking around to each court to make sure all kids are doing well.


Please make sure any kids who are not playing right away are warming up and that you are checking in with them.


No kid should just be sitting there… Get them involved with score helping and more.


Please follow this above so that all parents and kids have the same “speech/logistics” at the beginning of each match and feel comfortable with team tennis and the rules.



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