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USTA and JTT Membership


We have two available ways to play in our Junior Team Tennis League.


The first one which is to acquire JTT membership is free and requires a few steps per below.


The second is the USTA membership which is $20 and allows players to play in our JTT league and USTA tournaments. Please see below on the steps in order to get one.


Please email me with any questions at


JTT Membership

USTA Junior Team Tennis Membership Acquisition Process


To make matters more complicated, as a parent, you have to register on USTA before you can register your child. If you as a parent have a USTA number, you will just login and follow the steps below to register your child.


If you (parent) do not have USTA numbers, you have to get one for yourself and then one for your child. 

Before you do the below process you will need your team # from your coach in order to register per below.


Instructions for Obtaining a Free JTT/USTA Membership


  1. Go to the main USTA JTT homepage of  

  2. Click on this option “Create An Account” (right next to Sign-In)

  3. Click on Create Account where it says “Do you play in a USTA program”

  4. Choose “I am new to TennisLink and want to create a new account.”

  5. Then enter in the required information to create an account for you (parent). 

  6. You might need our team # when doing this process.  Please get with your coach if you do not have it.

  7. Once you have signed up you (parent) will then be logged in. Go to the "My Tennis" tab and you will see your USTA Membership #.

  8. Write down your USTA number

  9. Now you have to add a family member from your parent account when registering a junior player


Please Note: A USTA membership is still required to play junior sanctioned tournaments in SoCal, and our new Championship JTT Summer season.


USTA Membership


Please go to the link below to acquire a membership with the USTA.


With this membership you will be able to play in the JTT League as well as the USTA tournaments.

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