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Sectional Championships



Sectional Champsionships



• The League Champion in each Division will represent San Diego at the Southern California Junior Team Tennis Sectional Championships.

• The Area League Commissioner has the final word on who will represent San Diego at Sectional Championships.

• The league format is set for “Games Won”.

• If a team wins more matches (undefeated or not) and  still remains in 2nd place due to not enough “games won”. That said team and the team with the most games won will have a playoff to determine who goes to Sectional Championships. If this is for a 2.4 Novice Division with no implications of going to Sectionals, then each team will play off for 1st and 2nd still. The 2 teams will play straight up with no games being needed to win if one team has less games won in the season. Clean slate and winner take all! 

• Tie-Breaker- We will go on head to head match wins first; and then if both teams played each other 2x during the season and it was a split- such as 2-2 the first match and 2-2 the second match, we will then go on games lost. If the score was 3-1 the first match and 2 -2 the second match, the team that won 3-1 will have the tiebreaker in the tie.


• When teams playoff for sectionals we will abide by the following tie-break rules:

             1st: Games won, if tied

             2nd: Matches won, if tied

             3rd: Sets won, if tied

             4th: #1 Singles winner (Coaches need to put their best player in the #1 singles position)


• Players must play in 2 matches during the local league season to be eligible for play at Sectionals. All "said" matches must be on the same team. 

Of the 2 matches, once can me a real match and one can be an exhibition match. 

• After a team has won the Sectional or National Championships, all players who played at this event must play in the next highest division (Intermediate to Satellite and/or Advanced; Satellite to Advanced.) If you are moved up in ability level, you must play in the age level where you won at the Sectional/National Championships. Advanced players are able to remain in their respective age division, and as they age up, they take their Advanced level rating with them.

• Note: Two years’ worth of “winners” at the Sectional Championships (from the Spring and Fall) have been accounted for on the eligibility list. Only those who played at the Sectional Championships will be bumped up in ability level. Also, the age level is locked in at the age they played and won at for the Sectional Championships; so no playing down in age at your new ability level even if you qualify to do so any years following.





For our San Diego Orange BallLeague playoff, we will have the winners receive trophies however there will be no sectionals.

We will have a Novice Player Party at the end of the season. See our Tab on this site for more information.

Note: If there are 2 flights in a Novice Division, we will have those two flight winners play against each other to determine 1st and 2nd. Home team goes to the team who won the most games overall from their flight.







All players participating in the Section Championships must meet the following eligibility requirements:


  • Player must have played in 2 local area team matches (one match may be an exhibition match on record.)

    • Areas with not enough teams (minimum 2 per flight) may play out of area to become eligible for Championship play. They can also play in another flight within their area to obtain their 2 local area team match requirement for the Section Championships.

    • In order to qualify for the National Championships from our Summer season, your local league flight must have at least 2 teams in your age and ability level.


  • Players may only participate for one team only at the Section Championships.


  • If a player is listed on the current section eligibility list and is on a team at lower ability level, the player and/or entire team can be disqualified during the course of their local league season or at the section championships. It is the coaches responsibility to check their players names on the current section eligibility list when putting their teams together at the start of your local league season.





There are no substitutions except in cases of a mitigating circumstance (ie. a documented injury, a family emergency, etc.) A written appeal must be made only to the Program Coordinator 10 days in advance of the start date of the Section Championships. A decision will be made no later than 7 days before the start of the event. The decision of the Program Coordinator is final.




Our program strongly recommends that each team has a uniform look. Teams have full autonomy to select their own uniforms (team shirt.) The Jr. Team Tennis program strongly encourages all teams have a uniform look while participating in all team matches throughout the season.




Good sportsmanship is required of everyone involved in the Junior Team Tennis program - from the spectators, parents, coaches/co-captains, team managers and players. Any reports of less than desirable behavior will be dealt with immediately. As stated previously, there is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in effect for anyone involved in any match in our program. With this being said, we truly hope everyone involved in the Southern California Junior Team Tennis program enjoys every aspect of what we have to offer. Thank you for your support and participation in our program!


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