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Sectional Champsionships

The Grievance Committee will consist of the following:

1. Area League Commissioner – Conan Lorenzo

2. Other Area League Commissioners

3. SCTA Team Tennis Coordinator

4. Grievances can only be filed by the Team Captain/Coach.

• A grievance must be submitted in writing to Area League Commissioner Conan Lorenzo

• Must be filed within 48 hours of the incident.

• The Committee will attempt to render all decisions with explanations and recommendations within 5 days of reported incidents.

• Any grievances that go directly to the SCTA Office before filing it with the Area League Commissioner will not be heard, and the League will not be obligated to act on any grievance filed.


Our procedure to a grievance is as followed:


  1. Grievance is filed.

  2. Information is gathered from all parties involved.

  3. If a grievance is brought up again on the same coach/parent/player, that said person will be on a probation and if another incident occurs, it will be grounds for dismissal of that said person for a specified length of time.

  4. Please note that the league coordinator can dismiss a coach at any time if an infraction on the rules are sever enough.

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