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Getting Started as a Coach



Seasons of Play

We have two seasons. One in the Spring that starts at the end of February and runs into the beginning of June. 

Our second season of the Fall goes from the end of September to the beginning of December or late November.   


Exact dates are determined after the Coaches Meeting at the prior to each season

Levels of Play

Novice Level 7 Tournament Players

Intermediate Level 6 Tournament Players

Advanced Level 1-5 Tournament Players

We then have the following age groups of 12U, 14U and 18U. 


10 and Unders are Orange and Green Ball Levels separatley. 

Team Cost

Each club will (or can) charge a fee to be on their league team. Clubs charge from $100 to $250 per season depending on the Tennis Club. As a Coach, one may charge what they feel is appropriate as each club is different.

This fee consideration should look to cover team registration, t-shirts, coaching, tennis balls and more.  



Now let’s get started with becoming a coach, getting a team registered and then registering players for your team(s).

Let's Get You Started as a Coach


  • First a coach needs to become a Coach/Captain in order to sign-up a team and be in the system.


    Where do I go to become a Coach/Captain?

    Go to and click on TennisLink, then click on Jr. Team Tennis


  • Click on Become a Coach/Manager.


  • Enter in your usta membership number or player information if you are not a member.


  • Create a password, confirm it, and then make up a password hint in case you forget.


  • Click submit.


  • Please note you will need to be Safe Play certified before you can create a team and be a coach.


Becoming SafePlay Certified

  • Please take a look at this website for all the information.!safe-play/c9qb. There are 3 steps to go through. The first one is easy while just looking over information from the JTT, while steps 2 and 3 are the important ones to complete.


  • It is a little time consuming though with patience, the process is not too troublesome. One should do this asap as there is a 10 day process to get ones screening results back from the background check


Registering a Team for League Play


  • Go to and click on TennisLink, and then click on Jr. Team Tennis


  • Log into the system as a coach/captain. (login is at the top of the page next to Create An Account)


  • Click on "create new team".  For Team Registration


  • Select So. California under Section. Select San Diego under District.


  • Select San Diego under Area.


  • Click Go. Click on “Jr" next to the program in which you want to create a team.


  • Create team name, select facility, select division, check affiliations. If you have a co-captain who is SafePlay certified and have their usta membership, you can place them in too.


  • Then click save.


Player Registration



  •  Click on register players. If the player has a USTA number, enter it in. If they do not have a membership or need to renew their membership you can go back to the home page and click on join USTA or renew membership.


  • The player will be given a membership number after the purchase is made.


  • Enter the Team Number.


  • After the player information is complete on the roster, click on "proceed to check out".


  • You will then pay the program fees, TennisLink registration fee. **Note** If a program coordinator already set up your team then you click on "register for a team" on the home page. Then you will put in the team number and player information.



Please email me with questions:  

































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