• Players must meet the age requirements for their age divisions.

Players must not age up before:
June 1st for Spring League

August 31st for Summer League

December 15th for the Fall League



Players do not need to have a usta membership any longer for FALL and SPRING Seasons.

It is now only a USTA Junior Team Tennnis League "Free" membership that is needed.


**SUMMER LEAGUE PLAY will still require a USTA Membership since players are eligible for National Championships. 


Please click on our "USTA and JTT Membership" Link on this site located on our tab.

Foreign Players

Must be here legally (they have their visa, green card, etc.), have set up residency and are attending school. Home schooling is okay as long as it can be verified. Please be able to submit this information to Program Coordinator if asked. USTA membership is required.

10U Eligibility List

Please refer to the 10U eligibility list located to the right of this page.

If a player is labeled "Satellite", they must play Satellite level or above.

If a player is labeled "Advanced", they must play Advanced level or above.

If a 10U player would like to bypass the 10U division, they can play in the 12U only if they have passed the 10s Youth Progression and thus we would go by their NTRP rating (not their 10U eligibility list rating).

Please note that a 10U cannot play in the 12U and up unless they have passed the USTA's Youth Progression process (See Youth Progression Tab).

JUNIOR RATING FOR 2016-2017 SEASONS (This does not include the 10Us)

We will be using the NTRP rating scale for all juniors.

Please take a look at this USTA website for a summary

Link to Look-up a Players Rating (For Coaches):

Log in as a coach on and click on login and place in your user name and password as usual.


Click on “Find a junior Rating Level” located on the right side down by the bottom.


Type in the player’s name or usta membership number manually. It might be easier to type in the usta membership number as the system will not find the player you are looking for if it is spelled incorrectly or you try to shorten the name for a comprehensive list. You need to have the name spelled correctly and on the dot.

Don't Have a Rating? Self Rate a Player

1. When a player registers for a team through the team tennis site and using the specific team number given to the team, they will be asked to self rate at this point. Please be aware of what team you are looking to register when self rating. For example, if you are registering for a 2.9 team, make sure to self rate your player at a rating below 2.9, otherwise you cannot sign up for that specific rated team of 2.9. To be safe, i recommend self rating a player at 2.0 and after the player plays matches, they will receive a true rating based on their wins and losses.  

2.  A self rated player's rating will only change when that said self rated player plays 4 matches against other players who have a "true rating".

3.  Playing another player who has a self rate does not count toward the magic "4" number.

4.  Junior ratings are calculated from the tournament and junior team tennis play.

Ratings will Change every 2 weeks normally on Monday or Tuesday

Player Level for Ratings


Novice Division (NTRP Rating of 2.4 or Below)

Players have little or no prior tennis experience.  These players should not have played in any tournaments except Novice level tournaments and should not have any ranking or points prior to the start of the season.


Intermediate Division (NTRP rating of 2.9 or Below)

Players can have some tennis experience.  These players have participated in the league but should not have extensive tournament experience and should have not played in Open level junior tournaments.


Satellite Division (NTRP Rating of 3.4 or Below)

Players have more tennis experience and may have a ranking and points from tournament play. These players have participated in the league and play Satellite and/or Open level tournaments.


Advanced Division (NTRP Rating of At least 3.5 and Above)

Players have extensive tennis and tournament experience.  These players would usually participate in Open level tournaments.

Team Level Declaration

Teams must declare their status level (Beginner, 2.4 and below; Intermediate, 2.9 and below; Satellite, 3.4 and below or Advanced, 3.5 and above) when they submit their team into their local league at the beginning of their local league season.

10 and Under Designation ONLY

10s Novice Level: no points for this level but if you have some then it should be minimal.

10s Int Level: 90 or less points

10’s Satellite Level: 91 to 380 points

10s Adv Level: 381 points or more







Eligibility For Team Tennis
LJBTC 14s.jpg
Eligibility for Players

Below are the lists for the 10U kids. One is an Excel doc and the other is a PDF. Same Docs.

See what level your 10U kid is designated to be: